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Perennial Genepool Caraway

Perennial Genepool Caraway

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Carum carvi

Origin: Maine

Improvement Status: Cultivar/Breeding Material

Seeds per packet: ~100

Caraway is typically a biennial, but it is sometimes perennial too, and over several generations of careful selection our friend Aaron Parker at Edgewood Nursery in Maine has developed this population which has a mostly perennial growth habit. Not all individuals will be perennial, but they're all edible, with that singular caraway flavor. Enjoy several years of seed production from a single planting! Not only are the seeds delicious, but the leaves and roots are quite tasty as well (similar to carrot or parsnip in flavor and uses). Like its other cousins in the Apiaceae family (formerly Umbelliferae), caraway is also a great plant for attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Caraway is most famously found in rye bread, but it is also widely used in sauerkraut, and is a little-known key ingredient in the popular Moroccan spice mixture called harissa.

Growing Tips: Grows fast and easily in full sun and garden soil, but also tolerates partial shade and/or weak soil conditions.