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Pennsylvania Dutch Caraway

Pennsylvania Dutch Caraway

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Carum carvi

40 seeds minimum

Germination tested 12/2017: 49% (Below Standard)

Origin: Berks County, Pennsylvania

EFN EXCLUSIVE. Caraway seeds are famous for their use in rye bread, sauerkraut, and harissa. The roots are also edible, and can be used much like carrots or parsnips. It is grown particularly in northern climates (Finland is the world's largest producer), because the long days of summer produce peak essential oils. It is typically a biennial plant, though annual and perennial forms are known to exist. This variety, which originally came from Pennsylvania Dutch farmers in Berks County, is biennial. It will survive winter with no protection whatsoever. If you like the flavor of caraway seeds, there's no better way to taste it than with the freshest seeds possible!

These seeds were grown by Dr. William Woys Weaver's Roughwood Seed Collection, which will receive half of the proceeds of each purchase.