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Paradise Lot Leaf Goji

Paradise Lot Leaf Goji

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Lycium chinense

Origin: Holyoke, Massachusetts 

Improvement status: Breeding population

Seeds per packet: ~12


Lifecycle: Perennial

EFN EXCLUSIVE. We're really thrilled to offer this exciting new goji berry offering from author and perennial vegetable expert Eric Toensmeier, who actually inspired the creation of EFN back in 2013 (with a talk on perennial industrial crops and carbon sequestration).

Here's what Eric has to say about this variety: "A form of goji with broad, tender leaves. The leaves and shoots in spring are an excellent vegetable. Can be cut back in mid-season to produce a second flush of edible growth. Cultivated as a leaf vegetable in China. A frustrating shrub to grow in some ways as it is suckering, layering, spiny, and aggressive. The fruit is edible but bitter. These are seedlings of a cross of a spontaneous form I selected at the Nuestras Raíces Farm with a plant grown from seed of 'elite' edible leaf types offered by J.L. Judson several years ago. Both are about the same in terms of leaf quality and production."