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Illinois Bundleflower
Illinois Bundleflower

Illinois Bundleflower

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Desmanthus illinoensis

Origin: Central and Eastern US

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~1,500

Germination tested: 4/2021: 28% (Hard seed: 70%)

Life cycle: Herbaceous Perennial

Zones: 4-8

A tall and delicate looking legume with a very unique ‘bundled’ seed pod. Also going by the common name Prairie Mimosa, Bundleflower sports feathery double compound foliage and a white pom-pom shaped flower. Of interest for commercial development as a high protein seed crop, and as an agroforestry nitrogen-building crop. 

3'H. Full Sun. Wet to Medium Soil. White blooms June-Sept. 

Our seed was produced by Shooting Star Native Seeds in Spring Grove, MN.

Growing Tips: Seed in Fall or Spring. Scarify.