Hazelwood 6 foot skinny Wattle Trellis

Hazelwood 6 foot skinny Wattle Trellis

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Rustic, but practical and heavy-duty. This trellis will be best suited for leaning up against a fence or structure, and not necessarily standing up on its own. Buy another 5, 6, 6.5 foot trellis from us and they could be leaned up against each other at an angle, to make their own triangle arch that can stand alone.

Wattle is a style of fence building that utilizes skinnier, bendable pieces of wood, which weave back and forth between thicker, solid posts.

Our trellises may have a nick here and there on them. Some hazelnut stems have branches coming off of them that need to be cut. The wood is beautiful, while imperfect, and may be just the delightful escape from mass-produced monotony you were looking for.

For these reasons, we hope our trellis customers are looking for something practical, useful, and rustically beautiful, all while being cognizant of the fact that this product comes directly from a regenerative, Minnesota agroforestry farm, and therefore strengthens our rural-to-urban, bioregional fiber- and food-ways.

It is likely that whatever part of the trellis is placed in the ground will rot over one season. The wood above ground should last for at least a few years.

A Homestead Left Design.