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German Extra Hardy Hardneck Seed Garlic

German Extra Hardy Hardneck Seed Garlic

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German Extra Hardy is one of the premier hardneck garlics for both home gardeners and market farmers. As the name suggests, it's very cold hardy. Much of its superior ability to withstand cold winters comes from its long roots that dig deep and help prevent freshly planted cloves from heaving out of the ground.

This is a porcelain type with usually 4 to 7 cloves per bulb. The exterior skin is white, while the interior skin is a lovely purple. The flavor is excellent — mild enough to munch on raw when it's freshly harvested, but as it cures the flavor gets much stronger. This variety has a relatively high sugar content, which makes it taste especially good when roasted. We love the scapes on this variety too: thick and tender with great flavor.

This batch of seed garlic is the first garlic crop produced by our Ramapough Lenape friends at the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm in Newton, New Jersey. Led by Turtle Clan Chief Vincent Mann and Clan Mother Michaeline Picaro, this inspirational farm project aims to provide fresh, healthy, organically-grown produce for a community that has suffered countless indignities through the years — from the earliest days of colonization and displacement through generations of discrimination and oppression up to the present day.

Health is a particular concern for the Turtle Clan, many of whom have lived for more than half a century in and around a federal Superfund site, a toxic waste dump known as Ringwood Mines which has never been adequately cleaned up and has led to increased rates of cancer and other ailments among Ramapough people. We're happy to be supporting the work of Chief Mann and Miss Mikie by helping our friends find a market for their first crop of garlic. $15/lb of each sale goes back into the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm project, whether you buy a pound or receive the bulk discount.

Since the farm in Newton is still quite new and the ground is not uniformly fertile, this crop is not entirely uniform, so expect some bulbs of varying sizes. But this is a great variety, and the crop has been tested and found free of both nematodes and white-rot fungus.