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(FARMER BULK) Siberian Kale Grex

(FARMER BULK) Siberian Kale Grex

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Brassica Napus

Origin: Carbondale, Colorado 

Improvement status: Grex/Breeding Material

Farmer bulk seeds per packet: ~300

Germination tested 12/2018: 98%

A stellar mix of Brassica napus kales from Casey Piscura of Wild Mountain Seeds in Colorado. These incredibly cold-hardy kales reliably overwinter in Zone 3! This mix blends excellent production and plant vigor with a wide diversity of leaf-types. It's diversity means it is overall quite resistant to pests, though some individual plants might suffer for it. These kales are great for bunching or used as a cutting mix. And the wide range of forms means it makes great breeding stock for your own breeding projects!

GROWING TIPS: Direct seed 1/4 inch deep in garden or field, spring through late summer, or transplant in healthy plant starts. Plant spacing could range from 3-14 inches, depending on what you are going for. Prefers full sun.