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Earliana Tomato

Earliana Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

25 seeds minimum

Germination tested 12/2017: 95%

Origin: Salem County New Jersey

'Earliana' is in many ways the quintessential Jersey tomato. Developed by George Sparks in Salem County, NJ, and introduced by the Johnson and Stokes company in 1900, before 'Rutgers' or 'Jersey Devil' or 'KC 146', there was 'Earliana'. With its rich flavor, good size, and classic red color, 'Earliana' set the standard to which all subsequent Jersey tomatoes had to aspire. As the name suggests, it ripens early. It produces clusters of 3-6 oz. tomatoes on indeterminate plants. Considerd an excellent market tomato for its beauty, flavor, and durability, it also produces a crop throughout the season. We're proud to be the only seed producers (as far as we know) still growing 'Earliana' tomatoes in Salem County.