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Cup and Saucer Mix Canterbury Bells

Cup and Saucer Mix Canterbury Bells

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Campanula medium

Origin: Unknown

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~75

Germination tested 3/2022: 84%

Life cycle: Annual or Biennial

Bellflowers (Campanula genus) are widely known as ornamentals, but there are also useful as vegetables. This one has edible leaves, shoots, roots, and flowers, so it's great for a garden where pets or children (or curious adults!) like to graze on everything. This is also a beautiful mix.

From our seed source, Wild Garden Seed: "This species is generally called Canterbury Bells, characterized by the largest flowers in the genus. 'Cup and Saucer' refers to the variety's combination of a large bell-like "cup" subtended by a whorl of petals that form a "saucer." This is a color mix that includes purple, blue, pink, and white. Very attractive for bumble bees that favor the bells as overnight sleeping quarters. Grows to 3' with some support. Seed germs [sprouts] well, but is tiny." Indeed, bellflower seeds are some of the smallest we ever work with.