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Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomatillo Plants

Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomatillo Plants

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Physalis philadelphica

Origin: Hugo, Oklahoma

Improvement status: Cultivar

A relatively "new heirloom" tomatillo developed by the late Dr. John Wyche in Hugo, Oklahoma. He ran a circus called Cole Brothers Circus and is said to have fertilized his extensive gardens with elephant manure! It was popularized by Suzanne Ashworth (author of the great seed-saving book Seed to Seed) through Seed Savers Exchange. Dr. Wyche's productive plants bear 1-2 inch yellow fruit with more sweetness than the average tomatillo. Easily grown like tomatoes, you'll know when to harvest fruit based on when they fill their lantern-like husks. The more ripe they get, the sweeter they get. Our seeds were grown by Clint Freund and Kass McKinnon of Cultivating the Commons in Madison, Wisconsin, which will receive half of the proceeds of all sales.

GROWING TIPS: Plant out in field after danger of last frost. Plants can get quite big and a trellis is almost certainly needed. Space plants 2-3 feet apart.