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Colorado Four O'Clock

Colorado Four O'Clock

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Mirabilis multiflora

Origin: Colorado

Improvement Status: Wild/Cultivated material

Seeds per packet: ~30

Germination tested: Botanical sample - not germination tested

This wonderful perennial native species from western North America produces showy magenta-pink flowers for as long as 4 months through the summer. It prefers dry winters, but can survive winter temperatures as low as those in Zone 4. Zuni people are said to have eaten the root, dried and powdered and added to bread, though consuming large amounts of the root apparently causes a form of intoxication. The leaves, flowers, and seeds are considered toxic and are avoided by herbivorous pests like deer and rabbits.

 Our seeds were produced by Andy Hahn in Colorado. 

GROWING TIPS: Can be direct seeded or started in flats. Growers from California to Texas, and Wyoming to Northern Mexico, should have no problem growing this plant outdoors in whatever soil you have.Growers in the rest of the country might want to consider growing in a container that can be brought into a dry shed or greenhouse or basement for the winter, or else try growing it in a very well-drained spot in the ground. Each plant will become big and sprawling eventually.