Chemical-free Hickory-Pecan Wood for BBQ Smoke

Chemical-free Hickory-Pecan Wood for BBQ Smoke

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Badgersett has a wide variety of trees on the farm that are great for smoking with. None of this wood, even wood from their five acre apple orchard, has ever been sprayed with chemicals.

At the moment we only have Hickory-Pecan wood bundles available, but we will be adding more smoke wood varieties soon.

Hickory-Pecan trees are hybrids of pecan and 3 species of hickory. The smoke varies a little tree by tree, and is usually stronger than pecan. Excellent hickory flavor. (Latin name: Carya x hybrids)


$10 for a generous bundle (see photo)

Other wood smoke species at Badgersett that we will be adding soon (for special requests please inquire at [email protected]):

Apple: A favorite mild smoke, applewood is often used for pork and bacon. (Latin name: Malus domestica)

Hazelnut: Simply not available elsewhere. A mild smoke not unlike alder, its relative, hazelnut wood will have even connoisseurs of smoked food asking "what is that smoke?". (Latin name: Corylus x hybrids)

Alder: Famous as smoke for salmon, but a good mild smoke for poultry too. (Latin name: Alnus ssp)

Chestnut: Similar to oak, but with its own unique flavor. (Latin name: Castanea x hybrids)

Oak: Favored by many for beef, a straightforward smoky flavor. (Latin name: Quercus spp.)

Sugar Maple: Another pork and bacon favorite, this is the genuine “hard” or “rock” maple. (Latin name: Acer saccharum)

Wild Black Cherry: Distinctive, particularly for fresh smoke. Often mixed with apple or hickory, cherry is a favorite for chicken. (Latin name: Prunus serotina)

Wild Pecan: Great mild hickory-type smoke. (Latin name: Carya illinoiensis)

Bitternut Hickory: Many say this is the strongest hickory flavor of all. (Latin name: Carya cordiformis)

Minnesota Sichuan-Pepper Bush: Another hard-to-find wood with a unique flavor. Try some out and tell us what you think! (Common name: Prickly Ash, Latin name: Zanthoxylum americanum)

***To begin, we may not keep all of these in stock, so please let us know if you have any particular smoke wood requests.