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'Bananapeño' Pepper
'Bananapeño' Pepper

'Bananapeño' Pepper

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Capsicum annuum

Origin: South Carolina

Improvement status: 

Seeds per packet: ~15

Germination tested 11/2021: 81%

Life cycle: Annual

This is the third pepper we're offering from our collaborator Kevin Bane in South Carolina — and folks have loved his 'Sabroso Yellow Habañero' and 'Pumpkin Bonnet Red'. Kevin is a pepper breeder extraordinaire, and also has his own hot sauce business (we tried some of Kevin's hot sauce and it's amazing — so clearly he knows what he's doing with peppers!). We're excited to be offering his beautiful, flavorful and mildly spicy 'Bananapeño' to the wider world.

From Kevin: "This started as an accidental cross between a giant sweet banana pepper and a jalapeño found at a flea market that I have been trying to stabilize for years. The brown color was a surprise because the first and second rounds of 'Bananapeño' were red!"

NOTE: We don't have an exact days to maturity count on this but Kevin is in South Carolina, which is where he bred this. So probably more of a long-season pepper. Though he says many of his peppers are early. FYI.

GROWING TIPS: Start plants indoors in March. Transplant to field with 14-18 inches between plants after things have warmed up a bit. Peppers don't like it cold.