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'Art Shades Mix' Phlox

'Art Shades Mix' Phlox

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Phlox drummondii

Origin: Texas

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~60

Germination tested 11/2021: 94%

Life cycle: Annual

This species of annual phlox is native to Texas. It was named after Scottish botanist Thomas Drummond who sent samples to Britain during a plant collecting expedition in Texas in the 1830s. It has since become popular around the world as an ornamental plant. You can often find it growing in wildflower mixes planted along highways, especially in the US Southeast.

Our seed comes from the great flower seed farmers of Wild Garden Seeds. They write this about the 'Art Shades Mix': "16-24 inch tall mix of colors in an endless variety of patterns. Scarlet through purple with every shade of pink and blue, every intensity of hue, in stars, halos, edgings, and eyes."

GROWING TIPS: Despite being from Texas, this plant does not tolerate drought well at all, so keep well watered.