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Arrowwood (PA Ecotype)
Arrowwood (PA Ecotype)

Arrowwood (PA Ecotype)

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Viburnum dentatum

Origin: Eastern and Central US

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~40

Germination tested: 5/2021: 1% (Hard seed: 0%  Dormant seed: 64%)

Life cycle: Woody Perennial

Zones: 2-8

One of the many native Viburnums, a useful landscaping shrub for screening or background in a native plant garden. A vigorous, multi stemming plant that has showy white, umbel-shaped blooms similar to Elderberry. A valuable plant for birds, attracting the Eastern Bluebird, butterflies, and native bees. It also feeds small mammals. It can do well in a variety of conditions, but occurs in the woodland edge of Eastern US forests most commonly. Berries are edible to humans, though not choice. Traditionally the stems were used to make arrows. 

12'hx6'w. Wet-Dry Soil. Sun-Shade. White bloom May-July. 

These seeds were produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.

Growing Tips: Double dormancy: Fall seed for germination after second winter.