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Annual Phlox
Annual Phlox
Annual Phlox

Annual Phlox

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Phlox drummondii

Origin: South Central US, Texas

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~600

Germination tested: 7/2021: 65% (Dormant seed: 0%)

Life cycle: Annual

A compact, about 1’ tall, annual Phlox blooming in a variety of whites, pinks, and reds. Native o Texas but naturalized throughout much of the US South and East Coast. Named after Scottish botanist Thomas Drummond, notes that:

“It is not commonly known that one of Texas’ most beautiful wildflowers has been prized in Europe as an “exotic” cultivated garden flower for nearly 150 years. In 1835, botanist Thomas Drummond collected the seeds of this annual wildflower in an area where a red-colored variety overlapped with a pink-flowered form. This collection of wild seed was sent first to Great Britain and later was distributed to nurserymen in several European countries. About 200 true breeding strains were developed from this single collection of seed, including red, pink, white, lavender, maroon, coral, pale pink, and the mixtures of these colors, with the central “eye” of the flower differing in color from the outer color of the petals.”

Drought tolerant and naturalizing, Annual Phlox makes a great addition to a wildflower mix, or dry prairie planting. There are many Phloxes out there, this one can go by: Drummond Phlox, Pride of Texas, or Texas Pride. This is not to be confused with the perennial native Phlox paniculata.

2'H. Full to Part Sun. Medium to Dry Soil. 

These seeds were produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.

Growing Tips: Direct seed on prepared soil in early spring.