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American Water Horehound (PA Ecotype)
American Water Horehound (PA Ecotype)

American Water Horehound (PA Ecotype)

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Lycopus americanus

Origin: North American, Widespread in US and Canada

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~4,000

Germination tested: 7/2021: 37% (Hard seed: 0%  Dormant seed: 45%)

Life cycle: Herbaceous Perennial

A widespread native North American wetland plant. Gowing in riparian zones or wet meadows, suitable for rain garden basin plantings. A mint family plant with smaller white flowers appearing close to the central stem. A medicinal plant with a variety of uses related to strengthening heart and lung function, and treating hyperthyroidism.

2'h. Wet Soil. Full-Part Sun. White bloom July-Sept. 

These seeds were produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.

Growing Tips: In the Spring, sow seeds on top of wet soil, keep moist (seeds needs light to germinate).