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Calabacita Roja Tomato

Calabacita Roja Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

Origin: Chiapas, Mexico

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~35

Germination tested 11/2020: 93%

Life cycle: Annual

Charming tomatoes with a great flavor and a unique look, these "little red pumpkins" are also found on the market these days as "Calabacito Rojo." According to Dr. William Woys Weaver, these tomatoes match a type found in Philadelphia at least as early as 1795, but he got his seeds (from which our stock came) via Chiapas, Mexico. Indeterminate plants are disease resistant and produce lots of sweet, delicious fruits. One of our favorites.

GROWING TIPS: Start seeds indoors in March or early April, transplant outside after danger of last frost. Space plants 24-36 inches apart. They will benefit from a trellis or tomato cage. Full sun preferred.