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Prairie Gayfeather

Prairie Gayfeather

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Liatris spp.

Origin: Maine

Improvement status: Cultivated wild material

Seeds per packet: ~80

Germination tested 11/2021: 90%

Life cycle: Perennial

Gorgeous spikes of purple blossoms for your flower garden. Here's what our seed source Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed has to say about it: "This seed came to me from Mary Ellen Chad of Green Spark Farm in Maine, who says it came with the property, probably a named variety, that has now volunteered in abundance for her, sometimes reaching 5' tall. Spacing recommendations vary from 3x3" for intensive flower cutting production, to 12-20" for garden plantings. The intense purple hue and paranormal form of the flowering stalk make this a floral focal point. Stems can range from 1-5' depending on age and conditions. Likes dry soil, don't overwater it. Also a good dried flower."