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Red Prairie Coneflower (Mexican Red Hat)

Red Prairie Coneflower (Mexican Red Hat)

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Ratibida columnifera

Origin: North America

Improvement status: Wild

Seeds per packet: ~950

Germination tested 6/2021: 64%

Life cycle: Perennial

A wide-ranging native perennial wildflower, this plant is simply gorgeous. It's also a super-useful plant for native pollinators, producing nectar and pollen in its red blossoms from late spring through fall. Grows to three feet tall. Enjoys full sun, and can thrive in a range of soils from wet to dry. Tolerates drought well. A yellow-flowered version of this plant also exists (and we're also selling it).

The leaves and stems are said to be analgesic. An infusion of the whole plant has been used against headaches, stomach aches, and fevers. A decoction has been used to relieve pain and treat poison ivy rash. Zuni people reportedly have used an infusion of the plant as an emetic (vomit-inducing agent).

Our seed was produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.

GROWING TIPS: Cold-most stratify seeds for 30 days, or direct seed in fall.