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BH-series Panamourous Tomato

BH-series Panamourous Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

Origin: Paradise, Utah

Improvement status: Breeding population

Seeds per packet: ~35

Germination tested 12/2020: 82%

Life cycle: Annual

We're very excited to be offering some of these wildly promiscuous tomatoes, specially bred to cross with other tomatoes (as opposed to most domesticated tomatoes, which are largely self-pollinating).

From our seed source, "landrace seedsman" Joseph Lofthouse of Paradise, Utah: "The BH-series of tomatoes are derived from the Beautifully Promiscuous and Tasty Tomato Project. They are descended from crosses between wild tomato species and domestic tomatoes. The primary domestic ancestor was Big Hill, a super-tasty, early, red/yellow bicolor, determinate, dwarf beefsteak. The wild ancestors were Solanum habrochaites [available through EFN as 'Neandermato'] and/or Solanum pennellii. The flowers are panamorous, facultative-outcrossing, meaning that they have much higher ability to cross pollinate than is typical for domestic tomatoes. They are most fruitful in gardens with lots of pollinator insects, particularly bumblebees and digger bees. The mother plants that these seeds were collected from were large red beefsteaks on early dwarf determinate plants. Pollen donors may have included obligate-outcrossers, therefore planting 7 or more plants is recommended, even if they are crowded. Because of the panamorous nature of this population interesting traits, flavors, and fruit-colors are likely to arise in the descendants."