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Summer Mix Salad Mix

Summer Mix Salad Mix

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Origin: Philomath, Oregon

Improvement status: Mix

Seeds per packet (in weight): ~ 2 grams

Germination tested: 90% average

A stunning mix of salad greens of many different species, combined together by Frank Morton and Wild Garden Seeds. The diversity here should be enough to keep you in interesting salads all summer and well into fall! Includes: Burgundy Amaranth, Strawberry Spinach, Magentaspreen Goosefoot, Epazote, Blonde Escarole, Frisee Meaux Endive, Dark Moss Parsley, Red Head Quinoa, Aurora Orach, Gold Purslane, Perfection Fennel, Horned & Golden Frill Mustards, Pink Lettucy Mustards, Sacred Basil, and the Lettuces: Brown Goldring, Flashy Trout Back, Devil's Tongue, Mascara, Optima, Double Density, and [Wild Garden Seeds'] Freedom Mix.

This mix comes in one packet with two baggies of seeds inside: a fast- and slow-germination packet-pair. Give the slow-starters (labeled #1) a week head start in their own row or bed, then sow the fast sprouters (labeled #2) a week later. One sowing per month will provide uninterrupted salad. After weeks of salad harvest the planting will bolt into a center of blooming biodiversity.