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Schweizer Riesen Snow Pea

Schweizer Riesen Snow Pea

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Pisum sativum

Origin: Switzerland

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~35

Germination tested 11/2020: 99%

Life cycle: Annual

An old heirloom snow pea of Swiss origin, the name means "Swiss Giant." This variety was introduced to the US by the great biodynamic farmers of Turtle Tree Seed. Plants grow to 6' tall on a trellis and are loaded with sweet and delicious crunchy pea pods. Keep picking, they'll keep producing! The purple flowers and growing tips are tasty too, and make a beautiful addition to any salad. You may notice that some of the fully ripe peas — when dried they are good as a soup pea and can of course be saved as seeds — are not green, but purple. This is considered normal for the variety, and points to the genetic diversity still present in this old heirloom. Such diversity no doubt makes the variety more resilient and suited to cultivation in a range of climates. Our seed was grown by Clint Freund and Kass McKinnon of Cultivating the Commons in Madison, Wisconsin.

GROWING TIPS: Direct seed 1-2 inches deep as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. Plants could be 2-3  inches apart in rows 12-18 inches apart. Trellis preferred, the plants will like it and it will be easier to harvest. Full sun preferred.