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Lofthouse Food & Fiber Flax Grex

Lofthouse Food & Fiber Flax Grex

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Linum usitatissimum

Origin: Paradise, Utah

Improvement status: Cultivated material

Seeds per packet: ~250

Germination tested 12/2019: 80%

Life cycle: Annual

Another gem from Joseph Lofthouse, Landrace Seedsman, in high-altitude Paradise, Utah. Like all of Joseph's seeds, these are super resilient and contain a great diversity of genes. From Joseph:

"A grex of dual-purpose flax varieties that work for seed and/or fiber production. They make a beautiful decorative flower too. I consider flax to be a high-priority crop because of the rich abundance of omega-3 oils produced by the seeds. In my garden, flax is not as productive as Clary sage, but I grow both rather than put all my hopes into one crop. Grows about 3 to 4 feet tall."

Fun fact: The botanical name, Linum usitatissimum, means "most useful flax" (and the flax part has the same root as the word "line," due to flax's long history of use as a fiber crop).

We're honored and grateful to be the near-exclusive source of Joseph's amazing seeds — freeing him up to do more farming, plant breeding, pickling, yoga, and loving. We know you will enjoy planting these extraordinary seeds. Thanks Joseph!

GROWING TIPS: Plant in mid-spring. About 3" apart.