Our 2021 catalogue is NOW ONLINE! Orders may be delayed by a few weeks (even 4-6) due to the immense interest in these seeds! We're still a very small organization so we thank you for bearing with us!

High CBD Hemp

It is your responsibility as the purchaser of these seeds to know your own state's laws governing hemp growing and to abide by them. It is not our responsibility as a seed company to check on you, your permits, your state's laws, etc. When you purchase these seeds, we will mail them to you, and that's that. We want to emphasize that it is absolutely within our right as a seed-selling organization based in the state of Minnesota to sell CBD hemp seed, as per our phone conversations with a Minnesota state seed regulator, and based on the federal government's recent legalization of hemp.

We also make no guarantees that these seeds will produce under the legal THC threshold for your state or the federal government. These varieties have been bred for their high CBD content and to have a lower amount of THC, and they tend to be stable on this account, but that is not exclusively, uniformly the case. Stressors such as heat and insects can cause THC levels to spike.

So this is a buyer beware situation. Know your state's laws. And hopefully these will produce the right CBD and THC content, but we cannot guarantee it. This is a new frontier for us. Thanks for understanding.

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