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'Resilient Shishito' Pepper
'Resilient Shishito' Pepper

'Resilient Shishito' Pepper

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Capsicum annuum

Origin: Carbondale, CO

Improvement status: Landrace Cultivar

Seeds per packet: ~30

Germination tested 12/2022: 88%

Life cycle: Annual

An open pollinated strain of the ever popular Shishito Pepper from Japan. The folks at Wild Mountain Seeds in Carbondale, Colorado, have been selecting for plants that produce early crops with larger-sized fruit to help with filling their market pints faster and make these crowd-pleasing favorites more profitable. These shishitos can get “huge” and both market customers and restaurants enjoy the larger size when compared with many of the hybrid shishito strains. Shishitos are usually harvested when still green, and commonly served sauteed on high heat with little more than oil and salt. The flavor is exceptional and we are excited to offer an open-pollinated, refined option for this popular pepper.