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Cisineros Grande Tomatillo

Cisineros Grande Tomatillo

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Physalis philadelphica

Origin: Puerto Rico

Improvement status: Cultivar

Seed per packet: ~40

Germination tested 1/2019: 66%

We found this to be the best tomatillo in our trials: productive, healthy, vigorous plants, with delicious fruit. Large and green when just ripe (at which point they make a nice tangy salsa), they overripen to a pale yellow (at which point they are fruitier and sweeter, even good for eating raw). Believed to be from Puerto Rico, we got our original seeds from our friends at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in Virginia. Try them out and enjoy salsa verde all Summer long!

GROWING TIPS: Start plants indoors in March, plant out in field after danger of last frost. Plants can get quite big and a trellis is almost certainly needed. Space plants 2-3 feet apart.