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'Blaine Creek' Camelina

'Blaine Creek' Camelina

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Camelina sativa

Origin: Finland, Romania, Ural Mountains

Improvement status: Cultivated

Seeds per packet: ~2,000

Germination tested: 6/2021: 61%

Life cycle: Herbaceous Annual/Biennial

Cover crop, forage crop, food crop. Camelina is a short-season (85-100 days) oilseed crop that used to be more widely grown commercially, especially in Russia and Europe. It’s also called a False Flax and somewhat resembles that plant. Tolerant of poor-soils, dryland conditions, and frost (withstanding 12°F in Montana), it has again become of interest in production farming. Highly varying in oil content from 29-41% breeding is underway for improvement. It also has a high Omega-3 fatty acid content. This oilseed should not be overlooked given its resiliency in harsh conditions and marginal croplands, as we experience drier,more erratic weather patterns. Montana State University developed the ‘Blaine Creek’ Camelina variety. 

Up to 3’. Blooms in Summer. 

These seeds were produced by our friends at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.

Growing Tips: Broadcast seed as you would any cool season cover crop in your region.