Badgersett/EFN Agroforestry Products CSA Club (Twin Cities and Badgersett Farm pick-up locations; deliveries negotiable)

Support the nascent carbon-sequestering, regenerative, agroforestry movement! Perennial staple food crops like chestnuts and hazelnuts can help regenerate our land and stabilize the climate, but they require a long-term investment from farmers. We are seeking people in Minnesota interested in purchasing agroforestry products (wood-based and food) directly from the farmers: the pathbreaking Badgersett Research Farm.
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  • This is different from a traditional vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We are not asking for any money up front, and you only need to purchase precisely what you want, when you want it. We are trying to figure out the best way to market our agroforestry products directly to customers in the greater Twin Cities and nearby Badgersett Farm, and a "CSA Club" is what we have come up with.
  • Our agroforestry products will be warehoused in a garage in Richfield, MN and at Badgersett Farm in Canton, MN, available for pick up every other Sunday at 11:00 AM. An e-mail with product availability will be sent out every Thursday prior to Sunday pick-up.
  • The first CSA pick-up day will be Sunday, April 8th. Get your hazelnut garden trellis stakes now (and more)!
  • Prior to pick-up, CSA Club members will need to make their purchase through this page.
  • We are open to making deliveries for larger orders and for those that live near highway 52, from the greater Twin Cities through Rochester all the way to Decorah, Iowa. $60 minimum product purchase for deliveries. $20 minimum delivery fee to be negotiated (depending on how far out of the way it is). Inquire at [email protected]
  • This is the result of a collaboration between EFN and Badgersett Research Farm. Dusty Hinz, one of the co-founders of EFN, is originally from Richfield, MN, and after living for six years in Philadelphia and South Jersey, he recently moved back to Minnesota to live and work at Badgersett in southern Minnesota (located two hours south of the Twin Cities).
  • Badgersett Research Farm is focused on breeding hazelnuts, chestnuts, and pecans, with the goal of getting farmers to plant hundreds of thousands of acres with these perennial, staple crop-producing bushes and trees. Badgersett was founded by Philip Rutter in the early 1970s, and he is still the director today. Philip foresaw the unsustainable nature of chemical-dependent, corn and soy annual monoculture long ago, and he decided to devote his life to creating viable alternatives.
  • A major goal of the EFN/Badgersett collaboration is to begin marketing the various useful wood-based products resulting from coppicing and pruning. Coppice is the process by which a tree or bush is cut to the ground, in order for it to produce fresh new growth from the roots. This is a healthy, regenerative process for the plant, and coppice cycles can play out over decades or even centuries.
  • Chestnuts and pecans will also be for sale as food, when available.
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